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wrestle_page #wwwf #wwf #wwe #raw as noted there have been reports circulating about mark henry quietly retiring, in an update henry has stated that he isn’t retired and is still under wwe contract. henry has also been confirmed for raw25 next week.
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arash Goldarzehi
4 minutes ago
arash.g0ld بلوچستان سرزمین نخلها ، نخلهای سربفلک کشیده ... جاده سراوان به ایرانشهر ،ابتر
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1 minute ago
wrestlingasylum_ Just wanted to take the time to say happy birthday to one of the legends, the best performers of all times, batista! - damn, it is so insane to think of the fact that he is now 49 years old. it sucks that his last run was a big flop even if you ask me, so all i am hoping is that he comes back for one last run, that will be hopefully great, and he won’t get the same treatment like last time. if he returns, the matches i want to see, especially like batista/lesnar, batista/ajstyles, another batista/hhh. once again, happy birthday, @davebautista! - [#batista #wwe #wwf #wrestling #wrestler #prowrestling #raw #smackdown #nxt]
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Dave Dynasty | DaveDynastyShow
3 minutes ago
the_davedynasty On this day in 1971 ivan koloff ended bruno sammartino’s 7+ year @wwe reign #wwf #russianbear
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3 minutes ago
perilmare Abbiamo iniziato la nostra prima conferenza! la parola al nostro #presidente e al rappresentante di #oasiwwf siamo in tantissimi grazieeee #live #event #conferenza #wwf #ambiente #insiemeperilmare
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Wrestling Seekers
4 minutes ago
wwe_seeker Kevin and shinsuke, from roh to wwe! doesn't matter which brand you are in, passion for pro wrestling stays the same! 💚 swiped left? you should.
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7 minutes ago
wwe_newsa • ساموا جو : حين عملت مع بروك ليسنر ادركت ان ليسنر ينظر الى النزال وكانه ساحة قتال فقط وهو يتطلع منك ان تقدم افضل مالديك فب الحلبه وان لاتتوقف عن ضرب بعضكما في النزال وايضا بروك ليسنر يهتم لجميع التفاصيل في نزاله الذي سيخوضه
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