Austin Jenanyan
44 minutes ago
ajenanyan People from all over the world come to zion to do angel's landing. the trail gains a few thousand feet of elevation in about two and a half miles. it starts off gradual but soon turns into a series of many switchbacks. about a half mile below the top, there is a lookout which many people stop at to admire the views and take a break before continuing. this is also a turnaround point for some because not everyone can make the final stretch. it involves hiking next to the steep cliff side with chains bolted along the way to help people keep their balance. because angel's landing is so popular, this section usually takes a while to complete as some people tend to go slower. when we got to this part, i was tired of waiting such a long time so i decided to go around the chains and blaze my own trail which involved some climbing. though maybe not the wisest decision, it was all part of the adventure. finally, once at the summit, we were rewarded with spectacular views looking down the valley. it's a great spot to soak in the scenery, have a snack, and even take a nap. we did this hike last year for spring break and it was definitely worth doing a second time. angel's landing is an amazing hike and one that should be on everyone's bucket list.
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Tama Baldwin
48 minutes ago
I mark each spring by spending one night sleeping on the banks of the platte river to relax in the solace of an ancient migration of sandhill cranes. a half a million of them gather there on an 80 mile stretch of river for the month of march. #wildernextgen #womantraveler #natgeo #instalike #lowlightphotography #longexposure #landscapephotography #timelapse #nebraska #birds #moodygrams #moodygram #migration #sandhillcrane #audobonsociety #ig_video #ig_daily #igtravel
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1 hour ago
tomgirlphoto When the crew is stoked they selfie👆 currently missing last week's adventures and feeling grateful for the experience!
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1 hour ago
thelittleblondewanderer One of my favorite parts of traveling is going someplace i've been about a hundred times and seeing how different it looks each time. of course i had to check out the california desert super blooms this year 🌻
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3 hours ago
thewanderingjoss Want you to make me feel like i'm the only penguin in the world 💙🐧💙🐧 💙#penguinsfordays #gentoopenguins #antarctica #adventureisoutthere
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Jenn Ludwig
3 hours ago
jennjourneyz Scuba diving is probably one of my favorite ways to travel! there are so many beautiful places it can take you, amazing people you can meet and even new friends under the sea. if you haven't been, i would highly suggest planning a trip, getting certified and making it a yearly thing. i'm always up to join too if you need a dive buddy! 😜 #divingtrip #divingfamily #ilovescubadiving 📷 @samludwig23
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Kristie Wong
4 hours ago
kristiewong Locals, does it bother you when people call your city "frisco"? 🌉
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Sam Ludwig
4 hours ago
samludwig23 Back in chicago & i can't stop looking at all the pictures from our trip. so i have to give a huge shoutout to @jennjourneyz for planning our adventure & for the talent she has behind the camera lens! all our beautiful photos were taken by her & her new found hobby! go check out her page for travel pics, inspiration, or just to see someone who is truly winning at life! love you & your beautiful gypsy soul! #teamtravelers #highclasshippie #sistersquad puravida bracelets 20% off: samludwig20 southern standard 20% off: sscoludwig
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➰Savannah Remington ➰
6 hours ago
savannahremington After a few beers... katie: jenna is the worst at the ball game me: why? how many hits did she get? katie: like one just an observation but it looks like jenna isn't being included fairly to get more than one hit 😂😂 #cassiacrew
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Heather Daniels Pusey
8 hours ago
we.are.still.wild Captured partially finished, @honeynschmaltz spreads remind me of buddhist sand mandalas. like monks who painstakingly create intricate sand patterns, these spreads take hours to construct. further, just as the monks destroy the mandalas to represent the fact that everything is moving and temporary, then release the swept sand into moving water as a symbol of the transitory nature of life, these spreads are served as soon as they are finished... only to be torn apart and devoured by hungry bystanders. . i'm looking for more healers, farmers, nature spirits, musicians, chefs and awakened wanderers to work with. if of interest, please visit the link in my profile.
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8 hours ago
travelsinpacks On the way to the wave. it's technically in arizona, but the utah blm manages it. in this photo, i'm standing at the utah-arizona border! 🙌🌵💥👌🔥💛
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9 hours ago
chasingtodaysdream Sometimes we are such in a rush to get "there", that we forget to embrace being "here".
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