Deepesh Tomar
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dynsty_7 The tale of a meal. inspite of the messed up, unordered, filthy bedroom and work-life balance, i have a tendency to do things in set in a plan and in a particular order. i have a particular meal at a particular time, i get out of my office for a walk at a particular time, i hit the gym at a particular time beset by a particular routine and so on. you can't be particular while traveling though. can't do it by the book, has to do with the flow as it were. after a grueling and beautiful mountain biking session consisting of 20 odd meandering kilometres on both the axis, i was plastered. i rushed to a suggested dhaba, still weary from last night as buses tend to deny me sleep as a rule. i ordered some food and immidiately gulped it, washing it down with the beer. as i wiped out the last of the morsels off my plate, i realised i missed something. see i have a tradition when it comes to food. i need to either open up the book that i'm reading or browse the internet for the perfect tv show/movie or have a sit down with a selected group of my friends or preferred combination of the latter choices, to have my meal. i was simply so d**n hungry i ate and chrished my meal for once without any distractions, just taking in the food and the ambience of the beautiful town around me. no unnecessary hunting for entertainment, no rush to take photos of your freshly arrived food, just good ol' groveling. might seem mundane but despite the numerous things i take granted for, it just occurred to me food should always occupy an honored place. it just asserts my view that travel simply brings out the best in you while giving you lessons to carry forward. solo travel as i do always soothes one's soul. finally for anything who's had the patience to stick with for so long. the food: some delicious home styled desi daal, aloo palak served with rotis and chutneys, achaars made with ingridients i can't remember. the beer was a made in himachal apple cider. #travels #traveler #travel #travelphotography #travelgram #himachal #shotonpixel #shotbypixel #teampixel #nofilter #food #foodphotography #foodporn #foodie #foodgram #solotravel
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crisdcorral Preciosa kyotoiluminada#kioto#sakura#japon#asia#japan#kyoto#traveler#photographytraveler
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Fashion: Authentic & Available
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queenie.bagz Chị em mua liên tục :))))) em up Ảnh thẬt túi lun chị em dê xem nhé 😻😻😻ai gấp cứ gọi thẳng 0908861588 nhé em noted order ko kịp tayyyyy ❤️❤️❤️ . túi kelly micocah 💋 . ▶️giá web ~ 1tr5 ▶️giá em bán #480k •size: 22x17x9cm, miệng túi ngang 20cm •màu: đen, nude, hồng nude . trước giờ queenue ít bán mcc vì hàng lên nhiều quá, nay em lấy được lô xịn nên bán ạ. hãng này chất lượng rất cao so với giá, nổi ở hq lắm, như vn thịnh charles vậy. do không quá nổi ở châu á nên giá rất rẻ so với chất lượng. tại hàn 1 túi cũng 1tr5 cơ. dáng túi sang trọng như hermes, có thể xách tay hoặc đeo chéo, form túi đứng, dây đeo túi điều chỉnh được, bên trong túi có 01 ngăn nhỏ và 01 ngăn kéo nhỏ.
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Drika Samaritano
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drikasamaritano #maroccos#marrocos#viagem#viajar#aroundtheworld#backpackers#trip#travel#traveler#traveller#beautifulview
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Mari Jones Bickmore
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maribickmoredesign My travel buddies have been missing the dordogne. hence, now i’m missing it. this shot is from a stunning little town right on the river called la roque-gageac. i love it. #exploreeverything #justdoit
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Catherine Richards
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cerichardslife Views over dubrovnik and the adriatic sea from srđ after sweating our entire weight in water on the ride up the hill | sailing the dalmatian coast, croatia 🇭🇷
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