Valentin Bayoud
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valentinbayoud.rgb . phnom penh (cambodia). march 2018. . textile worker or silk weaver from the cambodian social enterprise named artisans angkor. they are trained during three to nine months and work in decent condition with a fair (local) wage. once the long process of making silk threads is done, it takes five days of eight hours to create a scarf. a fabric roll with complexe patterns takes about a month to be weaved. . @artisansangkor . #ourstreets #streetphotography #documentaryphoto #fujifilm #xt2 #35mm #nationalgeographic #reuters #afp #gettyimages #afpphoto #photojournalism #worldpressphoto #gettyreportage #reportagespotlight #burndiary #streetphotographyinternational #lensculturestreets #capturestreets #streetphotographyincolor #intercollective #lensonstreet #spicollective #myspc #everybodystreet #hikaricreative #streetscenemag #noorimages #therawsociety #cobblescope
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Documentary Portraits
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documentary_portraits >>> featured artist >>> @ianbrownphotography . << - i made this photo last week in selma, alabama of talia and evan. they live in very poor conditions in a rough part of the city. we hung out for quite awhile, talked about their lives and told stories together about our experiences and what they thought the future held for them. they subsequently asked their two kids what their "american dream" was and what they hoped for their own future as young people in america -- devan their 9 year old son thought about it and wrote something out (swipe to see) . sadly, i found out that two days ago they had a fire at their place and it destroyed everything. they are ok and a few good people are trying to help them get on their feet - but have been left with nothing. - - it seems what devan wrote last week has even more significance now. . . "my american dream as a nine-year-old boy is i want people to stop shooting. i want them to get along. i want my mother to buy some land in the country and build a house on it with a privacy fence so that i won't be scared to go outside and play or go to sleep at night because of hearing gun shots. this is the american dream of devan bromery." >> . don't forget to visit the beautiful gallery of @ianbrownphotography _________________________________________ \\\\\\\\\ want to be featured? ///////// please follow @documentary_portraits and tag #documentaryportraits _________________________________________
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Raymund Villanueva
5 minutes ago
street_shooter An old photo that's featured in my book 'persolitika'. soon to be launched. bili kayo ha. #photojournalism #blackandwhitephotography #corruption #porkbarrel
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Social Life
11 minutes ago 02/27/2018 #ukraine. #kiev. #weapons of protesters in kiev.
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