Anna Karly
1 hour ago
karlygia94 When you move a lot, it gets a little crazy and hard to feel grounded at times. what i’ve learned is to find something to love everywhere i go, something unique to that place. when first moving to vancouver i discovered that these birds will fly right into your hand to eat - how neat is that?! since discovering this adorable and cool trick, i’ve been showing it to all my friends and family back home in alberta (they think i’m some kind of pocahontas/cinderella hybrid now😂). i cherish and value every place i’ve lived and been to. each place i’ve travelled to has taught me something special, not only about itself but about myself too 🖤 ps: there’s (what i think is) a sweet photo of me and my fur baby at the end 🐶 she ran to me as i was walking across the frozen lake! i picked her up and warmed her up ❄️
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thiquynhann It’s only the beginning
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Douglas Hurdle
2 minutes ago
douglashurdle Looking at monday off in the distance like...
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Jack Creek
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jackcreekcreations Wasatch front mountains dusting from the snow storm last night. gotta love utah weather. #snow #mountains #weekend #utah #huffingtonpost #jackcreekcreations
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Jeremy Ullmann
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jeremyullmann ‘can you take me somewhere photogenic’ i ask of @lucyjenniferh. she knows this island well
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Lauren Wells
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paperdaisieevents2 Making it official #mountains#ocean#perfectday#weddingphotography#love#beach#sunny signing table @bts.eventhire
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