🖤 MISH 🖤
5 minutes ago
m.i.s.h No skipping leg day in whitefish 🚲🚀💪🏼 pc: @whitefishbikeretreat
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Haley McDonald
8 minutes ago
hmcdonald_photo Interesting how some art pieces take years to finish... for various reasons they get put back, shuffled aside or maybe you place them in front of you so you can walk by it every day and wait for whatever is required to be complete. it could be a certain inspiration or emotion or time or space required to bring you back to it. whatever it may be, it finally came to me after years. as many times i told myself it was done it must be- it wasn’t. it was so nice to know for sure, for real, no really i’m serious this time.. it is done. hip hip hooray! #inspiration #westernart #montana #create #countryandwestern #finallydidit #art #dort #montana
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