2 minutes ago
stardustjuliet Leonardo dicaprio,jared leto and shannon leto at the leonardo dicaprio foundation #leonardodicaprio #jaredleto #shanonleto
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Lizette Gonzalez
6 minutes ago
lg.1130 Awe! look at this pretty young spider 🐒. classic jared we fell in love with. #jaredleto #30secondstomars
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Joker Harley Quinn
8 minutes ago
jokersharley ⠀ i want margot to have a bit more muscle when they start filming suicide squad 2. i mean, male actors are always expected to have huge built bodies in comic book based films so why not have the female actresses be a bit more built (depending on the role). credit @fearofjoker
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✨bella cubbins✨
9 minutes ago
_bellacubbins Welp im spending my day looking into conspiracy theories. how bout y'all? :')
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Max Silva
12 minutes ago
maxsilva_escritor Dando uma passada na jaú não pude deixar de dar uma olhada na #limetededition muito show essa figura do #thejoker do #jaredleto
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