2 minutes ago
chickasawnps Morning turtle mission success! this three toed box turtle was crossing a roadway, likely on her way to or from a nesting site. please use care while driving in the park so that these slow-movers can live to see another day. ๐Ÿข๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿข if you feel you simply have to move the turtle for its safety, pick it up by its middle shell area, carefully (they can and will bite!), and place them off the road in the direction they were traveling. do not transport them to a nearby body of water, etc. as many are actually land turtles and will drown. otherwise, please leave them be to do their normal, turtle thing. (ba) #turtle #nature #chickasawnps #findyourpark
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Katherine Fuller
13 minutes ago
texpatcolo Speaking objectively, i found this to be extraordinarily effing bizarre. it was largely driven by the sculptor, who selected the four presidents to be featured. it's less a federal monument and more a massive art installation. i was mesmerized and impressed by how such a feat was accomplished with a mere grid system (1 inch on the model = 1 foot on the mountain) and rudimentary tools. 90% of it was carved using dynamite. also, it's managed by the national park service but my annual nps pass was no good there... | #merica #findyourpark #nationalmonument
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6 minutes ago
inspire_transformation What if there was no internet... no social media? would i have even woke up at 4am to catch the sunrise so that i could shove it in your face?โ € โ € the world is full of mysterious questions.
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Nicholas Blok
38 minutes ago
njblok As it turns out, memorial day weekend is the busiest weekend of the year in arches. i only checked out the devils garden before i could stand the masses no longer. so much more to do and see here.
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15 minutes ago
thatbenhaller Well worth the 18 hour round trip drive but good to be back from acadia. this one from the top of cadillac mountain and just a few of the dozens of islands that dot the atlantic near mount desert island. . . . . . #acadia #acadianationalpark #nikon #sunset #sunsets #travel #epic_captures #hubs_united #mountdesertisland #awesomeearth #awesomeshots #findyourpark #ig_daily #ig_shotz #igers #vscocam #jaw_dropping_shots #ourplanetdaily #royalsnappingartists #rsa_nature #naturephotography #nature_brilliance #naturelovers #ig_sunset
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Brian Nettles
17 minutes ago
nettlesstudio 14 miles offshore in the gulf of mexico. great memorial day weekend. #findyourpark #catislandpirates
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Rider Konkle
19 hours ago
riderkonkle "as america celebrates memorial day, we pay tribute to those who have given their lives in our nation's wars." john m. mchugh #memorialday #freedom #america #patriotism #armedforces ๐Ÿ“ท@riderkonklephotography #findyourpark #gettysburgnps
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Karlie Klaws
22 minutes ago
karlieklaws Memorial day weekend was great! i loved visiting missouri's newest state park - echo bluff - and hanging out by the fire. i even did some cat walks this weekend!! i can't wait for our next camping trip ๐Ÿ˜ป๐Ÿ˜ป๐Ÿ˜ป
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Maine | Acadia - Photographer
19 minutes ago
jkputnamphoto Okay, one last shot of the northern lights, this time with a meteor leaving a streak of light above the glow of the aurora. what a treat this was. it was the best display i'd ever witnessed. every sighting of mine in the future will be held up against this night. __________________________________ • • • #sky_sultans #sky_brilliance #aurora #teamcanon #naturegrampics #bns_vision #findyourpark #nps100
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22 minutes ago
melllypoo Celebrating two years of being married to the funniest man alive @brodylogan my bear ๐Ÿป and my heart ๐Ÿ’š #melandbroonthego
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Grateful life
26 minutes ago
hippiehoopla_trailin Coming soon - amber keychain & wallet wristlet. stay tuned or sign up to get new product alerts and discounts at
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26 minutes ago
halfgraf We visited bandalier national monument, which includes one of my favorite sections of any national park: tsankawi (saikewikwaje onwikege), meaning "village between two canyons at the clump of sharp, round cacti." it wasn't the same exploring this incredible mesa without @m_xland and @missaa427 , but it was lovely to show @sam.r5302 the village of the ancient puebla people, especially since there is a new trail guide! we saw several amazing cavantes (or hannah homes), cacti, pottery sherds, walls of the ancient village, petroglyphs, and watched a storm begin to roll in over the sangre de cristo mountains! #travelswithsam #tsankawi #findyourpark #newmexico #archaeology #volcanicrock #cacti
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