2 minutes ago
Recap video i did for function. chrck iut this snippet, video will be up later 🤘🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
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1 minute ago
ivantsanko Зенит-Е / kodak200 #35mm #filmphoto
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Matthew Thomas
4 minutes ago
burntcorners This great photo from @hasspowers pretty much sums up how excited i am to eat right. awesome awesome photo heather. 51/365
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Alyssa Atamanchuk
11 minutes ago
hmalmaia I will leave my home, go to a field, and in a fragrant thick grass, in the grass, that cannot be smeared no matter how long you trample on it, in a g*y field, where no one hinders your running, where grass generously gives you fresh air, i will bathe in the sun rays, i will shout with all my might, i will run alone like a madman, and, in obsession, do physical exercises.
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12 minutes ago
visualcatalog Paolo sorrentino's 'the young pope' ✨#tv #judelaw #theyoungpope #paolosorrentino
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