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Francesca M.
2 weeks ago
balancedgreenspaces Today, i'm looking back at some very insecure people i've met in my life. the good news is that i don't have to deal with them anymore. the bad news is that there are a lot of these people with similar insecurities out there. in addition, people like this also have credibility. credibility in an insecured little world that they have created for themselves. they roam the world like caged dogs afraid of their own shadow. they will bite the hand that feeds them. they will not recognize the good around them. they will surround themselves with like minded people and feed on each other's insecurities. this people will survive on exercising their minimal power at the first sign of apparent treat. yes, survive! because 'surviving' is the only way they know how to interject 'potential threat'. a caged dog can't see the beauty of life because 'afraid' is the only constant state of their lives. defending their little turf is of outmost importance. one can't enjoy life while constantly worrying about 'protecting' something. ironically they are defending the very place that's keeping them caged, unaware, and blind. everything and nothing is ours. everything to enjoy, nothing to hold back for ourselves. at the end of the day, their behavior is not their fault. these beings need to feel unconditional love. what we all need is to surrender to love... 💚🤗💚 the question for me is 'what did i do to manifest this kind of people in my life'? • • • #mymojo • • • #dogoftheday #doglover #ilovemydog #petstagram #pets #puppylove #puppies #犬 #puppiesofinstagram #petsofinstagram #dogs_of_instagram #animal #pup #instapuppy #animals #doggy #instapet chihuahua #adorable #dogsofig #doglife #frenchbulldog #doglovers #instagramdogs #weeklyfluff #멍스타그램 #lovedogs #bulldog #bestwoof #dogsofinstaworld0
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Pipoca Westie
January 2017
pipoca.westie Tutu: amiga, porque que a gente está de castigo? pipoca: não sei amiga, mas se a gente fizer "cara de cachorra linda" a mamãe libera rapidinho 🐾🐾
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