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Filippo Anzuini
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ilpropagatore A dream of summer: scottish peace
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Original Diving
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originaldiving We’re rather obsessed of this shot of a blue shark by @noblue.nogreen. they are the most widely distributed shark species, found all over the world (from norway to chile!) but one of our favourite places to spot them is at princess alice bank in the azores.
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Whales of Guerrero
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whalesofguerrero The next generation of whale nuts are putting their love for whales into this mural at instituto lizardi. well done, kids! *** la próxima generaciones de amantes las ballenas están poniendo sus amores para las ballenas en esta hermosa pictures. bien hecho, alumnos! #natgeoexplorer #ballenas #mexico #guerrero #conservation #scienceeducation
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2 minutes ago
letemflygear_com Final day of our presidents day sale. save 10% off plus free shipping on all orders. enter promo code: presidents at checkout. sale ends midnight pst. only at ▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️ link in bio.
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World Youth Birders
4 minutes ago
beworldyouthbirders And our 2nd prize in the raffle, a great opportunity to go on a caoe town pelagic. once again same applies, every $/€/£20 gets you a ticket entered and you have to arrange your own trip to simon's town where the pelagic trip will set off from. donation link is in our bio, more info on amour team facebook page. please remember to leave your name when you donate. thanks for your support☺
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Donna Vincent Smith
2 minutes ago
donnavincentsmith This person is a fraud, please share. it's so despicable when someone tries to trick good hearted people that just want to help animals into giving money that in no way will be used for that cause. #shameful #fraud #loser regrann from @ryan_vetpaw - con artist in conservation right here. there's a ton of them, and i really hate doing this, but these people need to start getting called out. the founder of icorp is not and never has been associated with our organization. please help us spread the word so that this fraud does not continue to raise money on a false platform. . . . . #conservation #fraud #africa #rhino #elephant #wildlife - #regrann
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World Youth Birders
9 minutes ago
beworldyouthbirders An awesome opportunity, our 1st prize in the raffle we are holding. every $/€/£20 donated enters you into the raffle with 1 ticket. please leave your name when you make a donation so we can enter you into the competetion. if you are not from south africa you will have to arrange your own way there to claim the prize. please check our team facebook page for more information and our justgiving link is in our bio. thanks for your support☺
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Cousteau Divers
3 minutes ago
Can we change, in one lifetime? 🏝🌊🦈 galapagos evolution ~ now available online @galapagosevolution @cressi1946 🏝🌊🦈 #ocean #conservation #sea #galapagos #underwater #freediving #life #allyouneedisecuador #shark #change
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FTR Conservation Apparel
8 minutes ago
It's profound to consider that 90% of plastics in the ocean are hardly even visible... microplastics (i.e. polyester, acrylic etc.) released every time we wash our clothes are causing catastrophic damage to our aquatic ecosystems and eventually us! see here how for the reef is trying to change that. please! take a moment every day and try to consider how to reduce your plastic usage. #nomicroplastics @for.the.reef vc: @laurenpeggy_
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James Preston
5 minutes ago
prestonjames01 Still soldiering on through all of longleat house’s many many many many many windows. @columbastrachey @longleatofficial
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World In Our Hands
4 minutes ago
world_in.our.hands Our oceans and rainforests are sometimes referred to as ‘the lungs of the earth’. . “we have been smoking fossil fuels for hundreds of years. this report is an x-ray of our lungs. they are in a very serious condition.” - katherine hayhoe, texas tech university . the latest national climate assessment report shows that the impact of climate change looks even worse after further research. . . photo credit: @conormoorephotography #ocean #rainforest #climatechange #landscapephotography #cleanair #environment #conservation #life #nature #naturephotography #biodiversity #worldinourhands
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Ernst Visscher
5 minutes ago
wildlife_untamed Impossible to tame this piece of wildlife 🦓. nobody really knows the purpose of their stripes. it could be for camouflage to confuse predators or to control body temperature. maybe the answer is more simple...just a dress to impress ;). #zebra #zebraprint #kenya #wildlife #wildlifephotography #conservation #wildlifeconservation #wildplanet #wildlifeaddicts #safaricamping #amazingafrica #safari #natgeowild #nature #naturelovers #naturephotography #lakenakuru #africansafari #natgeo #wildafrica #bigcats #wildcats #natgeocreative #gamedrive #predators #animalkingdom #animallovers #wildlife_seekers
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Blakhart Guitars Official
6 minutes ago
blakhartguitars #repost @warriors_for_wildlife with @get_repost ・・・ @tactracapu students study a, set up poachers camp fire place and a few other items that could be left behind. it was left a few days to see how things age under the elements of the african weather conditions. it can be a good indicator to see how far away potential poachers could be. photo: @jasonsavagephoto ———————————————————————— #tactraccombattracking #wfw #warriorsforwildlife #antipoachingtraining #training #southafrica #stoppoaching #tracking #futurerangers #antipoaching #rangersreserve #savingwildlife #rangersforrangers #conservation #saveourrhino
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