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2 days ago
Photo by @cristinamittermeier // the locals call him “niño”, which in spanish means “boy” but there is nothing childlike about this beautiful american crocodile. king of the estuaries of the gardens of the queen in cuba, he rules over a vast mangrove kingdom that has been protected for over 25 years. no one will hunt him or k**l him here, and the fish, hutias (large rodents that live in the mangrove forest) and sea birds that he likes to surprise for dinner, are also protected and thriving. diving in this marine protected area is one of the things that has given me most hope in recent times. it is easy to see that a little protection is always the recipe for life, beauty and hope. #follow my work at @cristinamittermeier to learn more about ocean conservation. #turningthetide with @sea_legacy. with @paulnicklen, @andy_mann, @mdalio, @iankellett_story