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National Geographic
January 2018
Photo @lucalocatelliphoto for @natgeo a farmer house in the netherlands, the most advanced country in the world for agro farming technology. here farmer houses are surrounded by illuminated greenhouse that can produce all year around, using 95% less of the water and producing up to 10 times than traditional farming. no pesticides are used inside the greenhouses. the netherlands is the second bigger exporter of food in the world after usa, and it’s 270 times smaller. follow me @lucalocatelliphoto to see more about the future of farming. #future #farming #sustainable #crops #agriculture #futurology #farmer #green
@lasanco si claro this is where we produce the tastiest tomatoes in the world🤢 not.....
@bette_harms haha yess exactly what i thought lol
@simiesamons think we could do this at the farm?
Amazing story, share more 🍀🍀
Wow! pretty amazing statistic
Amazing! why is north america so slow 🐌?
@ginaerato do this with the tx land!!!
I wish we would learn from their success
Canada get on board!
I wish all the world learn form them
@1_skatermom this is cool!!!
@white.bori you’re impossible