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National Geographic
January 2018
Photograph by @juanarre (juan arredondo) el salado, bolivar. colombia. a boy plays with a balloon in a dilapidated part of the town of el salado. once a prosperous tobacco farming town, was the scene of colombia's deadliest massacre. the killing of el salado lasted six days from february 16 to 21 of 2000. by the end, 66 people were killed and the remaining 4,000 residents fled, joining more than 2 million other internally displaced colombians at the time. with the efforts of its leaders, the residents returned despite the presence of illegal armed groups. today el salado and its residents are transforming their grim past. this picture was taken as part of the coverage for the january issue for @natgeo magazine 'the healing of colombia' about colombia and the challenges ahead for this nation after the signing of the peace agreement between the colombian government and farc putting and end of over 50 years of internal conflict. #colombia #peaceprocess #elsalado#internallydisplacedpersons #challenges#kidsplaying #redballon#documentaryphotography#photojournalism @natgeocreative@thephotosociety #everydaylatinamerica

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