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3 days ago
Mount pilatus, lucerne, switzerland by @simoncroberts from the sight sacralization series. switzerland’s image has been significantly shaped by photographs dedicated to tourism and now those taken by tourists. this series of photographs are taken on viewing platforms at some of the most photographed places in switzerland. the locations were sourced using crowdsourcing geo-tagged photographs uploaded to the internet. #sightsacralization #reframingswitzerland #mountpilatus #switzerland #simonroberts
Looks like the scene in inception
@elle_camille_ yes! so pretty in the winter
@ispiceman we went here! so amazing
We went there
Inception? 🤔
@anthrobsessed, when do we get to go back??
Is that where they shot the action scene from from inception!?!?!?
@amandaamsi der har vi vært :)
@misterrpotatohead lol yes, but it didn't look half this good!
I'd like to go back here. it's a nice place.
@ned1955 this looks awesome
It was interesting when we went up. it started to rain and as we ascended, we watch rain slowly turn to snow. the view was, there wasn't any, but the snow ball fight was fun ;).
I was here 10 years ago, heading up went from like 60 f degrees to 20f in a matter of minutes. it is gorgeous! 😍