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3 days ago
Video by @mmuheisen (muhammed muheisen) an elderly afghan refugee man fetching water from a hand pump while children attending a class in a slum on the outskirts of islamabad, pakistan. for more photos of the refugee crisis follow me @mmuheisen and @everydayrefugees #everydayrefugees #muhammedmuheisen
Life in a loop
@fahad_akhtar_arain you should go live there. you don’t belong in western civilization
Masha allah allah bless you all
Great pic .its a shame their gov’t has take billions in dollars from theus and none if it seems to reach those whom need it
@samiisamsamm don’t worry allah is with us just pray your five times prayer and pray for brave country in the world afghanistan.
@fahad_akhtar_arain pakistan will not send back afghans bcoz their is many rich afghan businessmen in pakistan so pakistan is also in the list of poor countries and actually i am not fan with some of afghan people who are living in pakistan illegally and also the situation is same in both countries but may be the reason that everything is cheaper than afghanistan and really poor people cannot live in afghanistan and before there was very easy going to peshawar pakistan without visa but now there is something difficult without visa but no problem if you will give a little money i mean (reshwat) to the pakistani police then you can cross the borders and police checkpoints in the city very easily .
@masih_ullah_khan_adel yes bro i agree. i was talking about evil afghan elements in refugees.
🔥🔥you need a dope pics of yourself toon, logo &cover art🎨🎨??hmu now
@samiisamsamm do worry africa took time to rearranged its self .years to come it will be new hot spot.😊
@masih_ullah_khan_adel pakistan's security and interest is more important then few afghans running businesses.
@bevemail first air lift all of folks like you from eastern countries then talk until then keep talking.
@samiisamsamm the day afghans stop fighting each other and don't let others interfere in their country or let others to fight proxies against each other. when you address these questions? why afghan political party invited russians in afghanistan to defeat other ruling party in 70s? why afghans refused to hand over a saudi national bin laden to america after 9 11? why afghans start fighting each other when there were no foreign invaders. until this behavior of afghans don't change there won't be any peace. just praying won't solve issues, positive actions do.
@anna.puri ok virtue signal all you want, but that area is known for corruption, and harbouring really evil people. i guess you also don’t like women’s rights?
What are these little ones studying? i hope it's math, writing, and science and not extreme religious dogma
If you believe americans don't care about those children you are not right.....
@artemisrah it's religious stuff unfortunately