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January 2018
Photo by @cristinamittermeier // the lovely @jennygnichols jumps over a puddle in the fountains near the #eiffel tower in paris. this week i am participating in the annual @natgeo seminar; an inspiring event in which all the photographers working with this incredible society coalesce in washington dc, to discuss business, share images and ideas, rekindle friendships and expand business networks. i am always in awe at the breadth and scope of the work being produced in these hallways and at the encouragement we all get to expand our skills, open our minds and hearts to ideas, and take some risks. to see more photographs #followme at @cristinamittermeier @natgeocreative #natgeoseminar
Her leg looks stretched
Wonderful picture 😍
@sawarren1 nah, gosh that’s a pretty photo though!
Happy dance 💃
@holly_asa100 i thought this was you!!!!!!
This a makes me miss paris. :)
@melissrg03 i love it! let’s go back. 😁😁😁
Quiero una foto alli @abrahanjc
Oh yes!!! my illuminati city 😘😘😘😘😘😘
Amazing photo ❤💜💙💚💛💗
French version of singing in the rain ☔️! cool 😎
What a whimsical pic. right after taking said pic, i am sure she ran back into a car or somewhere with a roof because those clouds are looking unfriendly! lol
You are living in our dream...

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