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January 2018
Schilthorn - piz gloria, lauterbrunnen, switzerland by @simoncroberts from the sight sacralization series. switzerland’s image has been significantly shaped by photographs dedicated to tourism, and more recently, those taken by tourists. this series of photographs are taken on viewing platforms at some of the most photographed places in switzerland. the locations were sourced using the online mapping software, which creates popularity heatmaps based on crowdsourcing geo-tagged photographs uploaded to the internet. for more from this series and other works, please follow @simoncroberts #sightsacralization #reframingswitzerland
I’m a little concerned for the guy without a shirt 😳
The chinese is immune to anything including the cold and shame!
@flywithniz ahahah 🤣🤣🤣
@brendan_breen nothing surprising about this photo.
For shooting action only...
ا‎لسَلٱمٌ عـَلـْيگمّ-ۈرحـْمّـٌة ٱللـّہ ﯙبُرگـّاتہ ‎تم إنشاء قروب اخبار والعاب وجميع مايختص في السوني ‎ويحمل الشروط التاليه ‎1⃣ إحترام الأعضاء ‎2⃣عدم السب والشتم ‎3⃣يحق لكل عضو المشاركه ولكن حسب الشروط ‎4⃣يمنع نشر أي إعلان لقروب أخر وذلك ليس كرها وإنما لكي يزداد القروب نشاط ‎5⃣يمنع تكرار الرسائل في القروب لاكثر مــِْن مره 6⃣عدم إرسال شي خارج نطاق الألعاب بإذن الله بيكون فيه بطولة *فيفا 18 أندية* ولأول مره نسوي بطولة أندية.. 😍😍 طبعا الجائزه: *5$* اللي يبي يسجل يرسلي ايديه واتس اب ملاحظه البطولة بدون رسوم مشرف المجموعه 0567878359 ‎ ونرجو مـــِْن المشتركين العمل بها ..وإن كان هناك  إقتراح يرجى التواصل مع الإداره وشكراً
If i were to post this photo, i bet there will be zero likes!
You can't just casually drop a picture of a shirtless guy in the swiss alps without explanation!
I have been following u for a long time. but i have to say this post is really inappropriate.
Please tell the f*t guy to put his coat back on
@yliii_p ohh, look at that dude 😂😂
@corimn why do you think?
I cant understand people taking pictures to everything and they do absolutely nothing with them. they are chinese in switzerland but everybody do the same, mobiles are the worst thing created on this century far away
Is no one going to ask why that dude is shirtless
Fat guy no shirt? lol
@wildswanbird that shirtless guy is my new spirit animal
No explanation for the shirtless guy? 🤷🏻‍♀️
Put a shirt on

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