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4 days ago
Schilthorn - piz gloria, lauterbrunnen, switzerland by @simoncroberts from the sight sacralization series. switzerland’s image has been significantly shaped by photographs dedicated to tourism, and more recently, those taken by tourists. this series of photographs are taken on viewing platforms at some of the most photographed places in switzerland. the locations were sourced using the online mapping software, which creates popularity heatmaps based on crowdsourcing geo-tagged photographs uploaded to the internet. for more from this series and other works, please follow @simoncroberts #sightsacralization #reframingswitzerland
@stefunnyer - i agree with you - and i’m asian. i have always made myself the exception.
@barstoolsports but the guy without a shirt! #diesel
@brian_tahoe when did you go to switzerland??
Loved this place.
The best 🏔❤️
@funky_abstract agreed. guys without shirts in cold weather deserve the frostbite they scoff at. plus, regardless of the temperature, who wants to see *that*?
That guy without a shirt though 😂😂
The man without the shirt :"the cold never bothered me anyway" @nika_miss_
No shirts required 😂😳🤢
@noyaaaaa_ חחלחחחחח
Why would he have a shirt off wow so cold
Ah yes remember it well @bru_cey @method101 who’s that nob head topping up the tan
Haaahaa by the look of it he's only just had it blown off 😳
The shirtless guy steals the show!
The real question is what is the shirtless guys ig. he must take some epic selfie pics.
I have no regard for others @gdoherty20
Why is the one without the shirt always the one u don't want to see without the shirt?
Whats up with the guy without a shirt
Randy from the trailer park boys!