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National Geographic
September 2016
Photo by @johnstanmeyer • childhood ~ in memories of youth, fleeting as the brevity of a day, remembered like shadow puppets (the art known as wayang kulit in indonesia), girls and boys of the hamer tribe, whiling away the golden afternoon in hamer village, omo valley, ethiopia. • please follow my latest project, @bridging.stories, here on instagram. thank you kindly, @johnstanmeyer • @natgeo @natgeocreative @thephotosociety #ethiopia #omovalley #hamer #hamertribe #shadows #children #memories
Wish my childhood was worth remembering!! this picture is the way it should be😉
I thought they are aliens 👽 (shadows)
He has a v dope series of tbilisi @elenemetreveli :)
Excellent shot!
Very nice photo!!
Here may we can finde the real goal for our life ❤️
Wow!! love this picture... bravo!!
Very nice 😀🖒 if you like pretty things 🙌 may i invite you to see our daily design 😊🙏 ?
@arman_b.a وقتی تونستی بیای دایرکت بهت میگم
Their profiles look similar to aliens.. perhaps adding to the belief that humans dna has been bioengineered by people? aliens? from another planet. i really like this artwork !
Totally aliens
Amazing photo!
Love the shadows! 👌👌👌
@mic.nava simplemente hermoso <3
@monaliza_aaaaa همون شماره قبلی رو داری؟
Très belle photo !
Cool photography!
@philheiden 🇪🇹🇮🇩