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John Stanmeyer
September 2016
Prayer ~ in quiet demure, seeking solace under the blush of glowing saffron, a woman reads the bible within a hallowed nook of one of the 12 century monolithic rock-hewn churches in lalibela, ethiopia. • follow my latest project, @bridging.stories, here on instagram. thank you kindly, @johnstanmeyer • @natgeo @natgeocreative @thephotosociety #ethiopia #lalibela #prayer #woman #yellow #bible #solace
Nice ever...dont miss to review my gallery...full of human interest pic
Absolutely wonderful. 💛
Took my breath away.
Shrouded in mystery - this image speaks volumes. @johnstanmeyer
Always incredible john
This is amazing!
"seek, and ye shall find..." beautiful photo, john. ☕️❤️
Literally, a picture of peace and serenity. kyrie eleison...
I love lalibela and the rock hewn churches. absolutely amazing.
Hi. assalamualaikum. all the best :)

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