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John Stanmeyer
September 2016
johnstanmeyer Prayer ~ in quiet demure, seeking solace under the blush of glowing saffron, a woman reads the bible within a hallowed nook of one of the 12 century monolithic rock-hewn churches in lalibela, ethiopia. • follow my latest project, @bridging.stories, here on instagram. thank you kindly, @johnstanmeyer • @natgeo @natgeocreative @thephotosociety #ethiopia #lalibela #prayer #woman #yellow #bible #solace
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National Geographic Travel
September 2016
natgeotravel Photo by corey arnold @arni_coraldo lovers capturing the infamous sunrise selfie at the summit of haleakala volcano. my journey across america documenting the ways of the millennial generation in national parks is alive on the cover of october's national geographic magazine. click the profile link on my personal account @arni_coraldo to read the story! #npmillennials #haleakala @haleakalanps #maui #hawaii #findyourpark #wildernextgen #lovers #selfie #volcano #tourists #millennials #heaven #clouds #photooftheday #picoftheday
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Patricia Lay-Dorsey
September 2016
patricialaydorsey If you want to know how it feels to swim with the penguins, come visit the polk penguin conservation center at the detroit zoo like my friend nancy and i did last friday. it is pure magic!
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Taylor Tippett
September 2016
taylortippett Oh my goodness gracious @localnatives was a complete dream ✨
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September 2016
thephotosociety Photo by @paulnicklen // emperor penguins are wonderful to watch as they waddle across the sea ice or glide on their bellies across the snow, however, nothing compares to watching the power, grace, agility and speed of an emperor penguin underwater. with over 300 feet of visibility (and 28f water temp) in the ross sea, antarctica, we were mesmerized as these 70 pound birds lived out their life cycle in these extreme polar conditions. with @goranehlme and @sea_legacy #oceanseveryday #20by2020
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Camille Storch
September 2016
waywardspark My mom is really really into growing squash and pumpkins and gourds. #ovenandearth
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Ryan Neal Cordwell
September 2016
ryannealcordwell On set with the one and only @titusfauntleroy, for @anatomyredefined, in chicago, illinois. #priime #priime_ascent #igerschicago #anatomyredefined #makeportraits
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Skyler Wagoner
September 2016
skylerwagoner Well monday is over.. make the best of your week! make some plans for the weekend and get out of the house or even the state.
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Ami Vitale
September 2016
amivitale Photo by @amivitale. a goat herder runs his herd on the 850,000 acre namunyak wildlife conservancy, near sarara camp (@sararacamp). about 1,200 samburu families make up the namunyak community. they have a wealth of knowledge built up through decades of farming northern kenya, but environmental pressures are making grazing more volatile. the conservancy helps the samburu combine their knowledge with modern science to more sustainably manage their rangeland. please follow and come visit @sararacamp to learn more about the incredible work they are doing. @nrt_kenya @conservationorg @natgeo @natgeocreative @nikonusa #nikonusa #nikonlove #nikonnofilter #nikonambassador #nikond4s #nikond5 #nikonkeymission #nrtkenya #natgeolodges #kenya #magicalkenya #africa #conservation #animals #magical #beauty #safari #wildlife #climatechange #conservation #natureisspeaking #savetheplanet #photooftheday #photojournalism #amivitale
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Devin Allen ◼️◾️▪️
September 2016
bydvnlln Chase your dreams, take your time and follow your heart :: @oprah ✊🏾:: #baltimore #dvnlln
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September 2016
wideeyedlegless Spent a slow afternoon soaking up some sun and writing some nyfw thank you notes on these cute @papyrus greeting cards // more about this collaboration on the blog! #papyrusselect #sponsored
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Corey Arnold
September 2016
arni_coraldo Hiking the sliding sands trail from haleakala summit to the sea with @patmaui & hailey and mariah gill & @annececilieukkelberg one of the most epic psychedelic landscapes i've been devoured by... #onassignment following #millennial #maui locals for @natgeo cover story for the oct, 2016 issue of nat geo mag out now! click the link in my profile for full story. @haleakalanps #haleakala #nationalpark #hawaii #volcano #nps100 #findyourpark #slidingsands #hiking #trekking #crater #photooftheday #backpacking
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Jenn Z
September 2016
It's not really easy to explain how much i love this horse. he's taught me so much. and he will continue to teach me, i'm sure. horses are the best teachers if we are willing to learn. i got behind him plenty in this run, but with each run our teamwork is getting better. we were rewarded with a check for our efforts, which is always nice. #equine #aqha #aqhapround #barrelhorse #video #barrelracer #cowgirl #goaviego #runavierun #teamblonde #blondeshavemoreturn #ig_equine #palomino
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September 2016
nolabeings "i'm a lactation consultant and a nutritionist. in new orleans, [breastfeeding] is something all people need to know about. it's so important. because honestly, in this area, most of us still believe our b*****s are for our husbands or our boyfriends. [people] take it sexual. they think you're not supposed to [breastfeed]. others don't want to do it because ancestrally there were challenges behind slavery - wet nursing and everything that came about with that. and then you have the last piece where people never ever see people breastfeed, so they don't know what it's about." "how do you change that perception?" "we are working on that now! by changing visual perception, [holding] consistent classes, and having conversations like this one. every time i see a pregnant mom, i say 'so tell me how you're feeding your baby.' that's how we're going to change it. you know, my son is a senior in college and he was a point guard in basketball. he used to say that taking the ball from the other point guard was like stealing breastmilk from a baby!" #nolabeings #neworleans
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Charles Mostoller
September 2016
charlesmostoller Michael nemeroff, president of printfly, a t-shirt printing and embroidery business, walks through the production floor of their northeast philadelphia facility. charles mostoller for the new york times
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Theron Humphrey
September 2016
thiswildidea I promise i don't seek out red trucks they just find me! just picked up this awesome 1984 toyota hilux ⚡️i love it already ready! help me name it y'all 🙌🏼
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National Geographic Creative
September 2016
natgeocreative Photo by @stephsinclairpix: a #kumari, a living #goddess, and her #ganesh, walk in the village of tokha, #nepal. #culture #women
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