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OceanRamsey, Ocean Ramsey
September 2016
oceanicramsey #repost @oneoceandiving we 💙 our keiki program! @oneoceaneducation @rams_hokulani & @seajewl @oneoceanresearch went to sacred hearts elementary to give a presentation on sharks to 3rd graders! we believe that educating the younger generations is vital to protecting and improving the state of our oceans. #education #research #conservation #hawaiisharkcount #sharkconservation #sharkresearch want to learn more? check us out at oneoceandiving.com <http://oneoceandiving.com>; & join us in the water  in #hawaii on #oahu’s #northshore to #swimwithsharks and #divewithsharksinhawaii with a @oneoceandiving trained #marinebiologist / #sharksafetydiver check out our #shark and #marineresearch @oneoceanresearch and our #education outreach program @oneoceaneducation #learnaboutsharks and our non-profit @waterinspired conservation group and founders: @juansharks and @oceanicramsey want to join the team? become a @oneoceanglobal ambassador looking to support in other ways? check out our not-for-profit marine conservation awareness apparel and gifts @oneoceandesigns or at www.hawaiisharkdiver.com <http://www.hawaiisharkdiver.com>; mahalo and thank you for supporting #internationalsharkproject #hawaiisharkcount #sharkresearch #ocean #oneocean #savetheocean #savesharks #helpsavesharks #oceanconservation #sharkconservation
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Ocean Pictures™
September 2016
ocean_magazine Humpback whale and its calf, photograph by~ @craigparryphotography
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September 2016
oceana Boxfish always look like they're ready to pucker up, but that's just how they are built! boxfish have hexagonal plate-like scales that fuse together to form a box-like skeleton from which the mouth, fins, tail and eyes protrude from. photo: shutterstock/stephan kerkhofs #boxfish #oceans #fishface #puckerup #cute
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Discover Ocean
September 2016
discoverocean Follow @ocean for amazing ocean photography. a shot that @thurstonphoto has entitled "majesty". we can see why, the humpback whale; surely one of the most incredible animals on the planet. 💙🐋 ©thurston photo with @whalesunderwater #discoverocean
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Oceanic Preservation Society
September 2016
oceanicpreservationsociety Some quick facts about dolphinaris arizona first, here's some info about the five bottlenoses holed up in scottsdale: * the parents of the four dolphins - ping, sonny, khloe, and bodie - were violently captured in the u.s. waters for human entertainment. alia's grandparents were ripped from their families and freedom for the same reason. * bodie - the youngest of the five at 6 years old - was conceived via artificial insemination. * ping - the beautiful 18-year-old adult female - lost her mother, alice, when she was only a year and a half old. alice was captured in the atlantic ocean in 1983 for five years of research before living her life of servitude at a couple of seaworld facilities. she suffered from captive stress that led to her severe illness and untimely death at around 22 years of age. ping's father, capricorn, had been transported to various seaworld facilities for breeding. like alice, capricorn was captured for human entertainment. he was taken from the gulf of mexico off mississippi in 1972. ping gave birth to ansley [son] and capri [daughter] at seaworld san antonio. capri was only two years old when ping was taken from her for breeding at six flags in vallejo, ca. there, ping lost her precious calf while she was experiencing severe captive stress. second, visitors who participate in the swim-with-the-dolphins [swtd] programs at dolphinaris arizona will never get to hear that the dolphins' family members were captured for human entertainment. nor would dolphinaris arizona share any info about the various documentaries such as a fall from freedom, the cove, and blackfish that truly show the dark side of dolphin captivity. visitors spending the time with the five bottlenoses will not be aware of their physical and psychological suffering as a result of captive stress. please check out facebook.com/nodolphinsaz so that you'd understand that there's absolutely nothing quite glamorous about the swtd attraction. petition: bit.ly/nodolphinsaz #dolphinarisarizona #nodolphinsaz #dolphinfreeaz #emptythetanks
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Ocean Independence
September 2016
oceanindependence Spend your evening on the aft deck with a glass of wine and admire the beautifully illuminated #water! #superyacht #megayacht #luxury #luxuryyacht #luxuryliving #luxurytravel
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Ocean Madness
April 2016
oceanmadnessco We're back! this beautiful photo was taken in #thailand by the amazing @chrisburkard | turn on notifications to view everything we post in the next coming weeks!
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